Wellness Pod

What Is the Cocoon Wellness Pro Pod? The Cocoon Wellness Pro System combines dry and infrared heat with, aromatherapy, vibratory massage and salt air for the ultimate body transformation and relaxation experience. Visit Modern Tan Spa in St Pete to enjoy the ultimate in relaxation. 

Modern Tan Spa Wellness Pod Equipment

Near, Mid and Far infrared heat radiates through the Pod and directly heats the body without heating the air inside the Wellness Sauna. If the infrared heat system is used without the dry heat air (convective) system, the air inside the cabinet remains relatively cool and users can receive benefits similar to traditional dry heat sauna without heating the air itself.

Cocoon Wellness Pro

Cocoon Wellness Pro

Feel more relaxed and rejuvenated after your very first Cocoon session. With a continuous 1-3 sessions per week, users will see a significant improvement in how they look and feel. A standard Cocoon session ranges from 15-20 minutes. 

interior of cocoon wellness pod

Unlimited Use Tanning & Wellness

Want to save money? Try one of our monthly unlimited packages! Package pricing varies depending on the included equipment. Check out some of Modern Tan Spa’s great deals here.

Came in today as a friend said to check out this place. Used the Vegaz machine. Unbelievably good experience. Tan only took 8 minutes. Machine is the nicest I've ever tanned in. Every feature available including red light on the face, I controlled the cooling, and music sounded awesome. Will be back again next week.

Kyu H.