FAR Infrared Sauna

Patented Infrared Heat Health Therapy

Offering a spacious Therasauna with added benefits of Chromotherapy.

Modern Tan Spa
FAR Infrared Sauna

The Patented Stable Heat System produces a consistent exposure of Infrared to provide health benefits like detoxification, increased metabolism, chronic fatigue relief, cardiovascular strengthening, immune system boost, increased skin health, and chronic pain relief.


FAR Infrared Sauna

Have a seat and relax in our spacious FAR infrared sauna with added chromotherapy.

Use it three to four times per week for its incredible health benefits.

therasauna infarred sauna interior

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Came in today as a friend said to check out this place. Used the Vegaz machine. Unbelievably good experience. Tan only took 8 minutes. Machine is the nicest I've ever tanned in. Every feature available including red light on the face, I controlled the cooling, and music sounded awesome. Will be back again next week.

Kyu H.