Modern Tan Spa offers a variety of unlimited use packages ranging from basic tanning to our Pinnacle Club package which includes all of our equipment.


UV Tanning, Sunless Tanning, Water Massage Therapy, Cocoon Wellness Pod and more! Modern Tan Spa is your one stop location for all your biohacking needs! 


Luxura Vegaz

gold vegaz tanning bed

The top-of-the-line tanning bed in the industry. The Vegaz features UV-LED bulbs and gives the best tan available on the market today.

Luxura V8

luxura v8 stand up tanning booth

The top-of-the-line stand up tanning booth in the industry. The V8 features XL bulbs and gives the best tan available on the market today.

Luxura X7

white luxura x7 tanning bed

Luxura X7 tanning bed features XL bulbs and gives you one of the best tans available on the market.

Luxura X5

white luxura x5 tanning bed

Luxura X5 tanning bed features XL bulbs and gives you a great even tan.

Luxura X3

luxura x3 tanning bed

Luxura X3 tanning bed features XL bulbs and gives you a great even tan.


Mystic Spray Booth

mystic tan spray tanning booth

The Mystic booth is also private and convenient. With the Mystic you can add different levels of bronzer, Aromas and an Accelerator that speeds up the tanning process so you can shower in half the time.

Airbrush Tanning

evolv spray tanning equipment

Considered the best way to get absolutely perfect color. Airbrush tanning is the preferred option for those going to an important event as this is applied by a trained airbrush artist .



aquafrixio water massage bed with red light canopy

Nothing on the market can give you a water massage like the AquaFrixo. It allows you to target specific areas and make adjustments to pressure, temperature, and more!

Red Light Therapy

red light bed

Our RenuvaSkin Red Light Therapy bed leaves you and your skin feeling absolutely fantastic. When used regularly red light technology can help your skin feel younger and promote collagen growth. 

Cocoon Wellness Pod

cocoon wellness pro pod

The Cocoon Wellness Sauna is an infrared sauna pod that utilizes a combination of a dry heat air convection system and a radiant infrared heat system.

Infrared Sauna

aspen wood infrared sauna

TheraSauna has patented technology to maintain the perfect micron level for deep penetration into the body that allow for better results and detoxification.

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