mystic tan spray tanning booth

Mystic Tan Kyss Automated Spray Tan Booth reinvents the spray tan experience with innovative technology and offers numerous benefits of spray tanning. As a leader in sunless tanning for over 15 years, Mystic Tan is the brand to trust and love. One of the most time-efficient spray tans available, the Mystic takes an average of only 3 minutes to get your perfect tan. Mystic Tan will help you look your best for any occasion – weddings, events or if you just want to spoil yourself with a golden glow.

Mystic tan features a two-stance tanning experience for flawless even coverage. In addition, heated drying during and after session optimizes the absorption for a deeper, longer lasting tan. Drying accelerates the DHA development and improves the application process.

Technology helps eliminate the dreaded orange glow or odor associated with spray tanning. Mystic Tan uses only premium eco-friendly and skin pH balancing ingredients to avoid damaging your skin. D-Odor 200 eliminates tanning odor.

To exceed your spray tanning expectations, a personal single use cartridge system gives you additional choices to easily customize your tanning experience. You can also pair your spray tan experience with one of the delicious smelling scents while tanning!

Below are some of the benefits of spray tanning using our Mystic Tan Spray Booth:

-UV Free

-Fast and Efficient

You can schedule your time, walk in, and walk out with a tan that is optimized for your skin in less than 30 minutes.

-Rapid Results

There is no need to sit outside in the sun for hours in the hope that you will bronze your skin or wait for ages while sticky self-tanners dry. Mystic Spray tanning will take up only 3-10 minutes of your time and is a perfect way to tan if you have a busy schedule!

-Tan All Year Long

Get the perfect tan all year. Summer, Winter – anytime is the right time for a Mystic Spray Tan

-Better Control Over Color
Spray tanning gives you the freedom to decide how dark or how light you would like your tan.

-You Can Tan Regardless of Skin Type

Unlimited Tanning When Paired with Our Sunless Club and Pinnacle Packages

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